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Catering at Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg

As part of its marketing of the Stadthalle, Heidelberg Marketing puts the emphasis on offering a full service concept. Hotel management specialist Benjamin Huckele has been responsible for the cuisine on offer at the Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg since 2013. From gala dinners for the AGMs  of multinational corporations to major scientific congresses, Huckele is on hand to offer expert advice to every client.

Together, we can create totally unique concepts for every occasion. From goat’s cheese with nuts in a Black Forest ham wrap to homemade noodles with black truffles, the Catering department has established a reputation of the highest order. Numbers are not an issue. From 300 guests at the Prime Ministers’ Conference to the 2200 delegates at the international psychologists’ convention, the quality of our service remains the same. Size is only a matter of logistics, scheduling, and organization. The team is assembled according to demand. In addition to a core of permanent staff, we can also call on the services of up to 60 personnel for large-scale events. And it is not only conventions and congresses that appear on the catering team’s calendar.

The Kongresshaus is also a favorite venue for concerts, receptions and balls, from the "Heidelberg Laureate Forum" with 350 people to the “Vampire Ball”, which attracted 2500 guests. When it comes to catering, the Kongresshaus is a gastronomical delight.

Your contact person for gastronomic proposals:
Benjamin Huckele
Phone +49 6221 9852015
Mobile: +49 151 19182313